Since 1989 Pronomic has been world leading in developing new innovative lifting solutions for workplaces. With module-based systems, high quality products and smart solutions we create new opportunities for customers worldwide. As a part of the Amplex Group, Pronomic is at the forefront of the industry, focusing on digitalization and sustainable development. Headquarters and production are situated in Stockholm.

With Pronomic lifting solutions, server handling becomes a safe, ergonomic, and efficient one-person job. Our lightweight, small-footprint trolleys are easy to manoeuvre and operate even in the tightest spaces. Low lifting heights and stepless control makes them ideal for mounting or removing devices, with perfect alignment from the lowest to the highest rack position. No two data centers are the same. That's why we make Lift&Drive server trolleys from a modular design concept that lets you configure your lifting solution to meet the exact needs at your site, with smart options for added utility.