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The importance of a robust data center EcoDC talk on physical security

MARCH 10th, 2022 

The geopolitical and security situation in Eastern Europe and in Europe as a whole has changed. In addition to that, we can state that more and more natural disasters have affected ourselves and our immediate area. No matter what happens in the future, the data center must continue to be the enabler for producing IT services. In this webinar we will highlight the importance of the physical security for a datacenter.
EcoDC talk on physical security
The starting point for our security work is the customer's need for protection of their digital assets. Part of this work involves physical security, which is part of a holistic systems approach to asset protection.
So, what do we mean by physical security?
How do we work with it?
And how can we develop it even further together with our customers?
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Previous events 2021

Data centers & LCA - Life Cycle Assessment

Webinar: February 10, 2022

Stanislava Borisova will walk us through the values and advantages LCA can give the Datacenter environment.The number of data centers in the world is increasing due to increased use of digital services, such as teleworking, and this trend is expected to continue. But how sustainable are data centers? And how can we find out?This presentation provides an overview of LCA. The session explains what LCA is and the benefits and value it provides in a data center environment.

Swedish Data Center Day 2021

    The annual member mingle event

    This is a member event. 

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December 1

Datacenters a central part in the Community  

December 9

Green Data Centres - true or fake? 

    Join our webinar with Chris Bruderer next friday, 13..00 CET.
    Learn how to decide if green Data Centers are true green or just fake?

    Our society is today in the middle of a green hype, also impacting the Data Center industry.
    Higher demand for sustainable solution and new metrics is being considered. Many operators in all type of industries claims to be climate neutral or to be very green. At least that is what their marketing department want to make us believe.

November 19

Edge - The future datacenters!    

    • Are we ready in Sweden to develop these application?
    • Is our DC industry sector ready to deliver solutions for this new breed?
    • Do we know what to deliver, develop and operate?

    Join our data center industry association to follow the trends and discussion and the edge business that is developing!

    We are talking to Mark Acton about Edge DC, Mark Acton, Independent Data Centre Consultant.

 October 7

Hållbar datacenterutveckling - går tillväxten att förena med klimatmålen?

Sverige toppar de flesta Hållbarhets Index globalt, tillsammans med våra nordiska grannländer. Men;
- Vad gör politiken för att attrahera hållbara affärer till svensk datacenterindustri?
- Vad gör branschen för att fortsätta leda utvecklingen av hållbara erbjudanden?
- Hur kan vi i branschen tillsammans med politiken skapa ännu bättre förutsättningar för hållbar tillväxt?

Missade du debatten? Se den här!

September 8 

Microsoft: The world's most advanced and sustainable datacenter in Sweden!

Listen to Thèrese Treutiger, COO Microsoft, about why Sweden provides the most competitative conditions for data center establishments, and why it is so important to drive digital innovation. 

June 17

Data Centers and Digital Infrastructure as Green & GDP enabler

A macro view from People, Power, Pollution and Data center location.

     March 7