Microsoft is establishing the world's most advanced and sustainable data center - in Sweden! 

Therése Treutiger, COO, Microsoft responsible for Microsoft Sweden's operations within partners, startups and innovation and a member of the Swedish management team. Therése is also responsible for Microsoft's data center establishment in Sweden. She joined Microsoft in 2015 and most recently came from the role of marketing and operations manager.


June 17th 2021

Listen to Thèrese Treutiger, COO Microsoft, about why Sweden provides the most competitative conditions for data center establishments, and why it is so important to drive digital innovation.

The strong commitments in sustainability and innovation are important for Sweden. These are two of many reason why Microsoft chooses to build some of the company's most advanced and sustainable designed data centers in Sweden.

The new data center region will be the first in the world to use Vattenfall's 24/7 Matching solution, which offers detailed insight into the type of energy mix that the data center consumes. With the solution, Microsoft can see and ensure that the commitment of 100 percent renewable energy applies to every hour of consumption and thus translate the purchase of renewable energy into a positive climate impact.

Microsoft's data center in Sweden will be certified to be zero waste facilities, there will also be a Microsoft Circular Center in Sweden that extends the life of servers through reuse and ensures that Microsoft's clouds support a circular economy.

Join this webinar and find:

  • the key drivers for data enter establishments in Sweden.
  • How Sweden as a location can help you to drive sustainability and innovation in your business