Huawei's unique value lies in its long-term R&D investment in digital and power electronics technologies. We focus on converging and innovating technologies to accelerate the digitalization of energy and enable various industries to upgrade. We aim to accelerate clean energy generation, to build green transportation, sites, and data centers, and to ultimately contribute towards zero carbon buildings, campuses and cities. Huawei Digital Power covers business domains such as smart PV, data center facility, site power, mPower, embedded power and integrated smart energy.

Huawei Data Center Facility is Building Simplified, Green, Intelligent, and Secure Next Generation Data Centers. To address the challenges of traditional data centers, such as inefficient construction mode, long construction periods, high energy consumption, difficult O&M, and low reliability, Huawei adheres to the "modular intelligent" design concept and reconstructs the architecture, cooling, O&M, and power supply to build simplified, green, intelligent, and secure next generation data centers.