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Annual meeting

SweDCIs annual meeting will be held on the 24th of April at Posthuset 7A in Stockholm. We start at 16.00. We will serv some light refreshments,

Motions for the annual meeting must be submitted to the board no later than one month before the annual meeting.

Register your attendance with Fredrik Lindahl. Premium and Business members can attend with 2 persons, Basic and Light can attend with 1 person.

Last day to register is the 17th of April

Datacloud ESG Summit

The Swedish Datacenter Industry Association is excited to announce its partnership with the Datacloud ESG Summit in Reykjavik on April 17-18. The event is concerted around effort to address environmental, social, and governance considerations within the datacenter sector. The summit, taking place in Reykjavik.

Find tomorrows employees!

SweDCI are participating as representatives of the datacenter industry and will highlight the possibilities in the datacenter industry. Our aim is to get students to actively seek out the datacenter business as a future workplace and a promising career opportunity.

SweDCI will offer you, our members, to advertise openings for master thesis and job vacancies in your organization. These openings will be presented at the events and our website, and kept after the events for students to find career opportunities in the future.

We are really looking forward to your feedback on this initiative and hope that you will help SweDCI to promote the datacenter industry to a new important group. Fredrik Lindahl fredrik.lindahl@sdia.se is the contact person for this porject.

Meetings and webinars

2023 saw a greater cooperation with our Nordic sister organizations. Our board went to Denmark in November for an in-person meeting. In 2024 this meeting will be held here in Sweden; Stockholm, and we are planning to have this in combination with the Swedish Datacenter Day on the 13th of November.

Our annual meeting is planned for the 24th April The Annual meeting will be held on the 24th.



April 3 2024

The Swedish Data Center industry Welcomes Siemens as a Premium member.

Data centers are the backbone of our digital society and considered mission-critical infrastructure. But how can professionals keep up with the evolving complexities of running one? Across the project lifecycle, we can help you plan, design, build, operate and scale more efficiently, sustainably and resiliently. Our approach: smart technology that connects the real and digital worlds.

"As one of the global leaders in technology, integrating physical and digital solutions across diverse sectors, Siemens enhances our collective knowledge and offers essential resources to support SweDCI's objectives," Pär Åberg, Chairman of the board at SweDCI.


February 28 2024

The Swedish Data Center Industry welcomes Retherm Kruge as a member.

ReTherm Kruge works with data center owners, engineers, and mechanical contractors to deliver solutions with pipes and pressurization for cooling and heating systems combined with industrial supports for pipes, cables etc. Together with our suppliers in Europe, Aquatherm GmBH, Sikla GmBH and Spirotech B.V we deliver best in class solutions with low carbon foot print. 

Retherm Kruges broad knowledge in piping will add yet another piece to the datacenter puzzle. "With ReTherm Kruge attention to sustainable and cost-effective solution SweDCI takes another step to the green future". Greger Ruud, board of directors


February 16 2024 

Elektromatik offers solutions for emergency power and energy storage with a focus on sustainability, quality, and reliability. We secure critical operations for our customers in the Nordic region in data centers, hospitals, energy companies, telecommunications, and industry. As a system integrator and service provider, we handle the complete delivery process from design, production, and commissioning to support and service. Our specially trained service technicians provide planned and emergency support. With our comprehensive range of services, we ensure our customers' critical operations around the clock. Elektromatik is a part of BOS Power.

SweDCI welcomes Elektromatik as a business member to the association. Elektromatiks Will bring additional understanding of emergency power and energy storage to the association.

 "We are very happy to welcome an organization that operates in the Nordics to the association. Elektormatik and BOS power will add to the association's knowledge base" Andreas Espeving, member of the board.

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Pär Åberg

Chairman of the Board

M: par.aberg@sdia.se