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Conapto and Vertiv at Datacloud Global Congress 2024

Our SweDCI members, Conapto and Vertiv, represented by Stefan Nilsson and Victor Elm, are showcasing at the Cannes event how their data centers in Sweden lead in sustainability: dynamic grid support, heat recovery, green electricity, and sustainable reporting. 

Microsoft's Major AI Investment: A Golden Opportunity for Sweden's Future

SweDCI welcomes the positive news of Microsoft's decision to invest in AI infrastructure in Sweden. We believe that this strengthens our position as a leading nation and will have a positive impact on the Swedish data center market, serving as a catalyst for the vital development of new technologies and a sustainable future. This investment will put Sweden in focus, enhancing the understanding of AI and the data center industry among both decision-makers and the public

Microsoft's latest investment in Sweden marks a significant milestone for the country's technological and economic development. With an investment of nearly 34 billion SEK in cloud infrastructure and AI training for 250,000 people, the future looks bright for Sweden's competitiveness on the global stage.

A Catalyst for Swedish Innovation

The American tech giant has chosen to make one of its largest investments ever in Sweden, demonstrating strong confidence in the country's potential in AI and technology. Brad Smith, Microsoft's vice Chair and President, emphasizes the importance of this investment:

– "AI will transform all the industries where Swedish companies are world leaders," he told TT.

By focusing on AI, Swedish companies in sectors such as industry, health, finance, and others can expect revolutionary developments that will strengthen their positions internationally.

Enhanced Infrastructure and Expanded Opportunities

Microsoft's investment of $3.2 billion, equivalent to 33.7 billion SEK, will fund the expansion of data centers in Sandviken, Gävle, and Staffanstorp. These facilities will be equipped with 20,000 advanced graphics processors, significantly improving AI processing capacity.

This infrastructure expansion not only brings technical advancements but also creates new job opportunities and strengthens Sweden's position as a leading hub for digital innovation.

SweDCI fully agree with the Swedish prime minister, Ulf Kristersson, who emphasized the importance of "…longstanding investments in physical and digital infrastructure".

Skills Development for a Sustainable Future

One of the most significant aspects of Microsoft's investment is the training of 250,000 people in AI. By providing the Swedish workforce with access to advanced education, the country ensures it has the skills needed to meet future challenges and opportunities.

The training will be led by a knowledge council established in collaboration with universities and the Swedish Public Employment Service. This partnership ensures that the educational programs are relevant and tailored to the needs of the job market, promoting long-term and sustainable growth.

A Strong Society Through Technology

SweDCI welcomes Microsoft's investment which represents a great opportunity for Sweden as a leading nation in technology and innovation. With improved infrastructure, increased competence, and new job opportunities, this initiative will have a positive impact on society as a whole.

"An in-depth look at Big Science Sweden", Mike Olsson, Business Developer & Project Manager at Big Science Sweden , RISE, June 11 at 13.15

To further explore the potential of this collaboration, SweDCI is hosting an informative webinar on June 11 at 13.15. This event will provide an in-depth look at how Big Science Sweden operates, the benefits it offers, and how our members can maximize these opportunities.

The webinar will feature experts from Big Science Sweden who will share insights on accessing international research projects, navigating procurements, and building effective partnerships. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn how your organization can contribute to and benefit from the Big Science ecosystem.

We encourage all members to join us for this enlightening session and be part of the conversation that could shape the future of Swedish industry and research.

We look forward to seeing you at the webinar and embarking on this exciting journey together!

Join here

SweDCI in the world

May has been a very "eventful" month. SweDCI has been present in Madrid, Frankfurt and Stockholm. At DCD Connect, Erik Törnqvist of Bergvik was showing of the SweDCI Colors. Pär Johansson from Systemair had the SweDCI plaque front and center at their stand. SweDCIs own Fredrik Lindahl, together with many of our members was at the Stockholm Tech show educating the visitor about the Datacenter industry and the positives of having many more datacenters built in Sweden.

When are visiting the events please keep an eye out for the SweDCI plaque and do not hesitate to approach our members and ask about our Association. 

Meetings and webinars

2023 saw a greater cooperation with our Nordic sister organizations. Our board went to Denmark in November for an in-person meeting. In 2024 this meeting will be held here in Sweden; Stockholm, and we are planning to have this in combination with the Swedish Datacenter Day on the 13th of November.

Upcoming Webinar: June 11, "An in-depth look at Big Science Sweden", Mike Olsson, Big Science Sweden.



May 15 2024

The Swedish Data Center Industry welcomes GS Yuasa as a member.

For over 100 years, GS Yuasa has continuously created advanced stored energy solutions under the philosophy of "innovation and growth" and established itself as the best choice for automotive and industrial batteries.

GS Yuasa Battery Europe Ltd has been Europe's leading battery supplier, for over 30 years. From sales and distribution centres in the UK, Italy, Spain, France and Germany and Sweden, GS Yuasa supplies the European markets with a comprehensive range of high-quality energy storage and network stabilisation solutions. Our award-winning products, service and delivery lead the industry and continue to set new standards for customer care, quality, choice and year-round availability.

Swedish Data Center Industry (SweDCI) is happy to welcome our newest member GS Yuasa to the association. "GS-Yuasa will bring yet another competence area to the association. We are very excited to add their expertise to our growing community and look forward to their involvement." Sandra Karlsson, member of the board of directors SweDCI


April 18 2024 

Improve your data centers' infrastructure, energy efficiency, climate footprint, and uptime.

With Danfoss you get an unmatched expertise, experience, and end-to-end product portfolio.

We help you design and create tailored solutions to power your green data journey for a more sustainable operation.

Danfoss solutions for fire safety, cooling, power distribution, energy storage and heat recovery help data centers reach high power

usage effectiveness (PUE) and energy reuse factor, while supporting reliably high uptime.

Driven by future electrification and digitization, Danfoss 'engineering technology will help increase efficiency and productivity while minimizing resource consumption. "Danfoss will add to SweDCIs knowledgebase and assist in develop a green datacenter future" Pär Johansson, member of the board at SweDCI.  


April 3 2024

The Swedish Data Center industry Welcomes Siemens as a Premium member.

Data centers are the backbone of our digital society and considered mission-critical infrastructure. But how can professionals keep up with the evolving complexities of running one? Across the project lifecycle, we can help you plan, design, build, operate and scale more efficiently, sustainably and resiliently. Our approach: smart technology that connects the real and digital worlds.

"As one of the global leaders in technology, integrating physical and digital solutions across diverse sectors, Siemens enhances our collective knowledge and offers essential resources to support SweDCI's objectives," Pär Åberg, Chairman of the board at SweDCI.

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Pär Åberg

Chairman of the Board

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