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Member meeting 21st February @ Legrand in Solna

SweDCI would like to thank Legrand and our members for attending the member meeting on the 21 February in Solna. Niek van der Pas, Legrand, held a very interesting lecture on the EED process. Pär Åberg, SweDCI, gave us an up to date on the ongoings in the Associations and Isabelle Kemlin, SweDCI, informed us on the EED process in Sweden and the Nordics, the new Policy work group, Big Science Sweden.

Nordic data center industry associations send joint response to EED Delegated Act

In a show of solidarity and collaboration, the five Nordic data center industry associations have sent a joint response to the EED Delegated Act "Data centres in Europe – reporting scheme."

"Data centres in Europe – reporting scheme" is an act set out under the Energy Efficiency Directive, which was recently updated in 2023. The Delegated Act introduces new requirements for reporting on the energy performance and sustainability of data centers.

"We are glad to have the opportunity to comment on the draft of the Delegated act alongside our Nordic partners. This truly solidifies the strong Nordic collaboration and signals a desire for a unified approach with regards to the regulatory frameworks set by the EU. Not only do we already have a lot of common interests across borders, working together gives us strength in numbers, and promotes ease of doing business across the Nordic countries. This is especially valuable when it comes to public policy" says Eero Lindqvist from the Finnish Data Center Association.

Joint response highlights

A few of the highlights from the joint response include:

  • A show of support to the goals and objective in the Energy Efficiency Directive.
  • An urge for data traffic not to be a part of the reporting scheme. Alternately, for operators who do not have access to this information (e.g. colocation operators and enterprise operators) to be able to be granted an exemption.
  • An urge to lower the scope of the threshold from 500 kW to 100 kW. (Currently, Data Centers with a capacity of at least 500kW will be required to report their energy efficiency data to the EU Commission)

"In general, we support the goals and objectives of the EED. Our members have already taken several actions to ensure that their operations are energy efficient. With greater transparency, energy efficiency can become a competitive advantage for serious actors while driving further efficiency gains. Overall, the Nordic data center industry welcomes the initiative, and we believe that the Nordic countries are in a great position to fulfill the requirements as outlined by the EED" says Eero Lindqvist from the Finnish Data Center Association.

About the revised Energy Efficiency Directive (EU/2023/1791) and the Delegated Act

The European energy Efficiency Directive aims to reduce energy use in Europe by 11.7% by 20230 to help meet the EU Green deal of 55% reduction in carbon emissions. The EED was first adopted in 2012 and updated in 2018 and 2023. With the fundamental principle of "energy efficiency first," the EED sets forth requirements and guidelines for not just reducing overall energy consumption, but also enhancing present and future energy security and affordability.

For Data Center owners and operators, the EED imposes new guidelines and KPIs for reporting on data center energy efficiency. The feedback period for the draft period ended on 15 January 2024.

About the Nordic data center industry associations

Finnish Data Center Association, Swedish Datacenter Industry Association, Datacenters by Iceland, Norwegian Datacenter Industry, and Danish Data Center Industry, represent national and international companies within the data center sector in the Nordics.

The associations enable development and innovation for the industry and work to create stability, sustainability and security for data center operators and the millions of customers who use digital services daily.

Quotes from the Nordic associations:

"The European Energy Directive will bring significant changes to the data center industry in Europe, but we believe that the Nordic data center markets are in a great shape to fulfill these requirements", says Isabelle Kemlin Vice Chair of the Swedish Data Center Industry

"The close collaboration across the Nordics is beneficial for the industry. Working together on key topics such as regulatory frameworks and branding will only strengthen the Nordic data center proposition", says Henrik Hansen, CEO of the Danish Data Center Industry

"Collaborating with the Nordic countries and sharing best practices across the board is beneficial for all of our members. Our collaboration is important in order to certain harmonize processes and align on a number of topics", says Veijo Terho chairman of the Finnish Data Center Association

"It is important for Norway to be in lockstep with regulations and initiatives from the EU. This new collaboration with the Nordic data center associations is very valuable for us to be a part of", says Bjørn Rønning General Manager of the Norwegian Datacenter Industry

"Iceland shares many similarities with the Nordic countries, and our new alliance allows us to become even better equipped to tackle challenges and seize the opportunities ahead. It is important that we align our views and work for the benefit of the entire regional industry", says Björn Brynjúlfsson, Chairman of Data Centers Iceland.

For more information please contact:

Veijo Terho - Finnish Data Center Association

Isabelle Kemlin - Swedish Datacenter Industry Association

Björn Brynjúlfsson - Data Centers Iceland

Bjørn Rønning - Norwegian Datacenter Industry

Henrik Hansen – Danish Data Center Industry

Kickstart 26-27 February, 2024

Our cooperation with NTA allow SweDCI to offer our members a 15% discount to Kickstart in Amsterdam on the 26th – 27th of February. Please contact Fredrik Lindahl fredrik.lindahl@sdia.se for more information. 

Find tomorrows employees!

Swedish Datacenter Industry Association, SweDCI, will participate at two labor market fairs at Mälardalens University. Eskilstuna on the 6th of February and Västerås on the 8th of February.

SweDCI are participating as representatives of the datacenter industry and will highlight the possibilities in the datacenter industry. Our aim is to get students to actively seek out the datacenter business as a future workplace and a promising career opportunity.

SweDCI will offer you, our members, to advertise openings for master thesis and job vacancies in your organization. These openings will be presented at the events and our website, and kept after the events for students to find career opportunities in the future.

We are really looking forward to your feedback on this initiative and hope that you will help SweDCI to promote the datacenter industry to a new important group. Fredrik Lindahl fredrik.lindahl@sdia.se is the contact person for this porject.

Meetings and webinars

Regardless of how quickly the "mills grind," we believe it would be good to have a meeting with you soon. We are planning for a webinar on EED in mid-March and a networking meeting on the 21st of February at Legrand in Solna .More information on the webinars will be published on our website, in our social channels and in our newsletters.

2023 saw a greater cooperation with our Nordic sister organizations. Our board went to Denmark in November for an in-person meeting. In 2024 this meeting will be held here in Sweden; Stockholm, and we are planning to have this in combination with the Swedish Datacenter Day on the 13th of November.

Our annual meeting is planned for the 24th April, lunch to lunch. The Annual meeting will be held on the 24th, after that we are planning for a dinner in the evening and an activity on the 25th. More information will come closer to the date. 



February 16 2024 

Elektromatik offers solutions for emergency power and energy storage with a focus on sustainability, quality, and reliability. We secure critical operations for our customers in the Nordic region in data centers, hospitals, energy companies, telecommunications, and industry. As a system integrator and service provider, we handle the complete delivery process from design, production, and commissioning to support and service. Our specially trained service technicians provide planned and emergency support. With our comprehensive range of services, we ensure our customers' critical operations around the clock. Elektromatik is a part of BOS Power.

SweDCI welcomes Elektromatik as a business member to the association. Elektromatiks Will bring additional understanding of emergency power and energy storage to the association.

 "We are very happy to welcome an organization that operates in the Nordics to the association. Elektormatik and BOS power will add to the association's knowledge base" Andreas Espeving, member of the board.


January 18 2024

The Swedish Data Center industry Welcomes KeyPlants as a member.

Keyplants Emtunga produce modular turnkey datacenters, manufactured in controlled indoor conditions, in our workshop in Emtunga Sweden. We have delivered datacenters in Sweden to Gothenburg, Trollhättan, Oskarshamn, Karlskrona.

We also produce E-houses and other technical modules.

Swedish Datacenter Industry Association welcomes KeyPlants as a business member to the association. 

"KeyPlansts experience in modular buildings with high technological content including datacenters, will greatly add to the associations knowledge base. We are happy to have the experienced team from Emtunga onboard" Pär Åberg, Chairman of the Board


January 11 2024

The Swedish Data Center Industry welcomes Victaulic as a member.

Victaulic works with data center owners, engineers, and mechanical contractors to deliver solutions across our core business areas. From cooling systems to fire protection, our mechanical grooved system is recognized for its ability to control costs, improve piping maintenance, and to bring reliability, adaptability, and speed in data center construction.

SweDCI welcomes Victaulic as a member to the association. "With over a 100 years of innovations Victaulic will greatly add to the associations know how", says Isabelle Kemlin, vice chair of the board.  

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Pär Åberg

Chairman of the Board

M: par.aberg@sdia.se