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Looking back at the first half of the year 

We are now at the beginning of summer, and many will soon take the opportunity for a few weeks of well-deserved rest. Looking back at the first half of the year, it has been an intense period for the Swedish Datacenter Industry with many activities where we have been visible in various contexts, but we especially want to highlight our Nordic pavilion at the Datacloud Global Congress in Cannes on June 4-5. Our collaboration with other industry organizations in the Nordics is a great example of how, with a unified voice, we can utilize shared resources to showcase the advantages of a strong data center industry in our countries, contributing to strong digital development and a more sustainable society.

This collaboration continues in the fall with the creation of Nordic Datacenter Week, where we invite the industry in general, as well as the public and private sectors, to an open dialogue. Throughout the week, events will take place across Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Iceland. The focus will be on the social and economic impacts of data centers and the benefits they create in society. Key themes:

  • Public perception of data centers in local communities
  • Education and competence
  • The role of data centers in the digital economy

If you wish to contribute and be visible during this week, please contact Fredrik Lindahl for further information.

Regarding the implementation of the EED for Sweden, we are in dialogue with the government office regarding the upcoming legislation and how it will be practically implemented. Information is expected to be released in early autumn

Conapto and Vertiv at Datacloud Global Congress 2024

Our SweDCI members, Conapto and Vertiv, represented by Stefan Nilsson and Victor Elm, are showcasing at the Cannes event how their data centers in Sweden lead in sustainability: dynamic grid support, heat recovery, green electricity, and sustainable reporting. 

SweDCI in the world

May has been a very "eventful" month. SweDCI has been present in Madrid, Frankfurt and Stockholm. At DCD Connect, Erik Törnqvist of Bergvik was showing of the SweDCI Colors. Pär Johansson from Systemair had the SweDCI plaque front and center at their stand. SweDCIs own Fredrik Lindahl, together with many of our members was at the Stockholm Tech show educating the visitor about the Datacenter industry and the positives of having many more datacenters built in Sweden.

When are visiting the events please keep an eye out for the SweDCI plaque and do not hesitate to approach our members and ask about our Association. 

Meetings and webinars

Members meeting at ABB in Västerås on the 24th of September SweDCI invites its member to the first meeting after the summer. Join us at ABBs office at 13.00. Location and agenda will be presented on our website later on. 

2023 saw a greater cooperation with our Nordic sister organizations. Our board went to Denmark in November for an in-person meeting. In 2024 this meeting will be held here in Sweden; Stockholm, and we are planning to have this in combination with the Swedish Datacenter Day on the 13th of November.

Event 2025 SweDCI is very happy to announce its plan for an inhouse event. So mark the March in your calendar. Sponsorship opportunities will be presented at a later state 



May 15 2024

The Swedish Data Center Industry welcomes GS Yuasa as a member.

For over 100 years, GS Yuasa has continuously created advanced stored energy solutions under the philosophy of "innovation and growth" and established itself as the best choice for automotive and industrial batteries.

GS Yuasa Battery Europe Ltd has been Europe's leading battery supplier, for over 30 years. From sales and distribution centres in the UK, Italy, Spain, France and Germany and Sweden, GS Yuasa supplies the European markets with a comprehensive range of high-quality energy storage and network stabilisation solutions. Our award-winning products, service and delivery lead the industry and continue to set new standards for customer care, quality, choice and year-round availability.

Swedish Data Center Industry (SweDCI) is happy to welcome our newest member GS Yuasa to the association. "GS-Yuasa will bring yet another competence area to the association. We are very excited to add their expertise to our growing community and look forward to their involvement." Sandra Karlsson, member of the board of directors SweDCI


April 18 2024 

Improve your data centers' infrastructure, energy efficiency, climate footprint, and uptime.

With Danfoss you get an unmatched expertise, experience, and end-to-end product portfolio.

We help you design and create tailored solutions to power your green data journey for a more sustainable operation.

Danfoss solutions for fire safety, cooling, power distribution, energy storage and heat recovery help data centers reach high power

usage effectiveness (PUE) and energy reuse factor, while supporting reliably high uptime.

Driven by future electrification and digitization, Danfoss 'engineering technology will help increase efficiency and productivity while minimizing resource consumption. "Danfoss will add to SweDCIs knowledgebase and assist in develop a green datacenter future" Pär Johansson, member of the board at SweDCI.  


April 3 2024

The Swedish Data Center industry Welcomes Siemens as a Premium member.

Data centers are the backbone of our digital society and considered mission-critical infrastructure. But how can professionals keep up with the evolving complexities of running one? Across the project lifecycle, we can help you plan, design, build, operate and scale more efficiently, sustainably and resiliently. Our approach: smart technology that connects the real and digital worlds.

"As one of the global leaders in technology, integrating physical and digital solutions across diverse sectors, Siemens enhances our collective knowledge and offers essential resources to support SweDCI's objectives," Pär Åberg, Chairman of the board at SweDCI.

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Pär Åberg

Chairman of the Board

M: par.aberg@sdia.se